Detail of Applecross

Detail of Applecross

Honesty Skyline – Purchased by Quilters’ Guild in memory of Eileen Lewis of Sheffield

Honesty Skyline – Purchased by Quilters’Guild in memory of Eileen Lewis of Sheffield

Public Collections

I have many quilts in various public collections, in order to see them you will need to contact the museum and make an appointment with the Textile Curator.

Museum or Organisation Quilt Title Size (cm) Date Made
The Bowes Museum, Co. Durham. 'Plantforms'
(a Quiltline piece)
165 x 223 2020
Crafts Council, London, UK 'Pyramid II' 91x81 1981
Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead, Northumberland, UK 'Mirrored Steps' 201x221 1983
'Lindisfarne Revisited' 198x202 2011
Robert and Ardis James Quilt Collection,
International Quilt Study Center, (I.Q.S.C),
Nebraska, U.S.A
'Finn' 236x241 1983
'Eternal Triangle' 168x178 1983
'Spirals 1' 229x224 1985
'Spirals 2' 219x229 1985
'Pink Teapot' 139x139 1987
International Quilt Study Center, (I.Q.S.C),
Nebraska, U.S.A
'Art Nouveau Quilt' 246x267 1981
'Joining Forces II' 198x193 1991
'Wind Over Water' 195x195 2003
'The Waterfall' 205x195 2003
'Horizon' 207x205 2003
Ruskin Museum, Sheffield, UK 'Floating Triangles' 112x119 1983
Embroiderers Guild, Surrey, UK 'Circular Series no.5' 91x91 1984
Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles 'Small Zigzag Quilt' 61x61 1986
'Fish-Out-of-Water' 193x226 1991
'Fish Dance' 61x61 1992
'Aberdeen I' 61x61 1999
'Honesty Skyline' 133x164 2015
V&A Museum Textiles Department,
London, UK
'Kate's Vase' 89x89 1987
Commissioned for Benjamin Brittain
High School, Lowestoft, UK
'Ship Shape' 394x213 1988
Museum of Costume and Textiles,
Nottingham Castle Museum, UK
'Sweetlips II' 99x99 1989
'Sink or Swim' 198x195 1991
'Reflections' 107x107 1993
Ulster Folk and Transport Museum,
Co. Down, Northern Ireland
'Custard Squash' 150x168 1989
Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, UK 'Joining Forces' 219x219 1989
Commissioned for Nottingham County
Council, Mansfield Arts Centre, UK
'Striped Canopy' 307x241 1990
'Canopy II' 127x246 1990
The Glasgow Museums, Scotland 'Intercut Fish-Harmony' 201x201 1991
Collection of John M. Walsh III, U.S.A
(This is a private collection, sometimes
displayed in public galleries)
'Nottingham Reflections' 205x205 1994
'Tweed Reflections II' 121x121 1995
'Millennium Quilt' 202x202 2000
'Feather Collection II' 206x206 2003
Trustees of the National Museums of
Scotland, UK
'Dancing Lines' 203x203 1998
Aberdeen Art Gallery, Scotland, UK 'Aberdeen Study IV' 202x202 2001
Coats Crafts UK, Ltd. 'Under The Waterfall' 109x110 2004